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Just Beginning

I started my application about a year ago. It took so long because I needed to track down quite a bit of paperwork. I'd just moved from New York to Florida, so doing that wasn't easy.

But everything's finally back on track. With any luck, I'll be getting my guide dog between now and May with Guide Dogs For the Blind in San Rafael California.

I am so ecstatic, I'm practically quivvering. I gave this a lot of thought and I've finally decided that I'm ready for this responsibility. It's nerve wracking, terrifying and so incredibly exciting.

Does anyone have any advice for first time guide dog users? Anything from feeding to cleaning to playing to walking. I'm open to everything. I think I read like the whole GDB website, even the sections that had nothing to do with getting a guide dog, such as puppy raising and such. I wanted to know everything about the process, about the results, about what I should be expecting. I love hearing stories about guide dogs, tips and tricks and just everything anyone has to tell me.

If anyone's interested in my personal experience, I have a blog that's detailing it all.

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