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It's a Boy!!!

He's not even here yet and I'm already nervous!! I'm gonna be a mommy!.... sort of! :)
I've been wanting a dog now something fierce for the past oh... year or so I'd say... and the opportunity has come to me to get and find a beautiful little guy who will soon be a beautiful big guy. I found him at the Humane Society. His name is (currently) Sam and he's an 8 week old Red Heeler mix (i think with a lab).
I've had dogs before so that's not going to be a problem. My issue is that I don't get the luxury of having a puppy raiser to raise the dog for a year, housetrain, socialize and walk it through it's puppy phases. So many questions....
Just based on my previous experience with dogs before, I think I'll have to have the dog with me at all times so I can see what it's doing so tagging a leash along with me will be old habbit. But when I'm gone for the day... crate? Pen?, I do have someone able to take the dog out partway through the day so that should ease some problems. But now my hesitation comes with *me* actually being the leader.... I'm dead scared that I'll trip over mister puppy or whack him with my cane....
Any suggestions? Ideas? Tips you can provide? I'd sure be nice! :o)
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