Patsy Ledene (slvrblue) wrote in guide_dogs,
Patsy Ledene

any puppy raisers out there?

Questions for ya'll if you don't mind... I wonder if there are any puppy raisers in this group. I know it's not really guide dog related and I'm sorry if it's not too relavant but... Our family has been given the opportunity to rescue a heeler lab mix who is currently 4 months old. I'm having some issues with him and what I believe might be seperation anxiety. Any suggestions that I might be able to try? He's a very quiet boy other than the time he is set to go into his crate before I leave for work. We put treats in before we go, so there seems to be no problem with him going into his crate, but the howling and barking commences shortly after... He seems to be too worked up to much on the kong with the treats inside.... Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :o)
And if there's anyone out there who might want to contact via email? Any suggestions again would be great!! Please let me know! Thanks again!!
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