singer_of_karaoke (alexofthesvu) wrote in guide_dogs,

Beyond frustrated

I'm writing cause I need help! I've had it with Wilda and want to retire her. Well part of me does and part of me doesn't. Apparently she hates where we live. She refuses to go to the bathroom anywhere near our building. I must walk her at least a few blocks away or she will not go. She's held her pee up to 2 days before cause she hates going by the building. Whenever we go out, she's fine but when we walk home and she realizes it she does 1 of 2 things. She refuses to walk any further in that dirrection or she'll cut out into the middle of intersections and get us way lost. I walk her 3-4 times a day but I guess she's not happy with the length of her walks. I took her on a 3.5 mile walk the other day but ended up in the ghetto and couldn't find my way back. People out here are too high or too stupid to know street names or they'll stop to say you're mean for working a dog and refuse to give dirrections. I know I effed up a lot with her. I let her start having run of the house too early, I let her sleep in the bed, I'm sure I've probably done other things wrong and I just don't know what to do. I can't afford to move somewhere else cause of not having a job so I gotta stay in the subsidized area and there are no paths around. Do you think taking her to the mall for a few hours a day and just walk her around and around? I called the school but I'm afraid if I retire her they won't let me have another dog. I also have a job interview today that if I get the job I will not have time to go get another dog. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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