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Guide Dogs in High School?

Hi Guys,
I worked at a local camp for the blind three summers ago. The kids were between 5-15. All the little guys were fascinated by the "cute doggie" that guided me everywhere, and some of the older ones were more curious about what he did, how we worked, and how he made life better.

Today, I got a Facebook message from one of those girls. She's 15 now, a sophomore in high school, and she just sent in her application to get a guide dog. I answered as many of her questions as I could, but there's something I can't help her with. I got Laser right after I graduated from high school. I never had him during high school for some pretty specific reasons.

I was curious if any of you had any experiences with working a dog during high school? I'd like to give her advice, as she's asking for it, but don't really have first-hand knowledge of the situation. Any help that you could give would be greatly appreciated.
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