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An Introduction!

Hey Everyone! My name is Amber, I am 20, and I live in California, and am totally blind (from R.O.P) anyways I am looking at getting a guide dog next summer! (I finally decided that I want to get one!) because I know a lot of people got their guide dogs at 16, I couldn't have taken on that responcibility, lol I could barely get up for high school! So I didn't want to get a guide dog at the time. But now that I am a sophomore in College and I just transfored in to a huge University- I want a guide dog- it'd make traveling on a college campus a lot easier! Anyways I was thinking of attending the seeing eye- I've heard really great things about that school- and when I called them they sceemed nice and answered all my questions. The reason I preference T.S.E is because I am elergic to labs and goldens and lab/golden crosses which like 90% of the schools use so therefore I cannot go to for example, GDB for this reason. And+ I want a German Shepherd as a guide dog. I really like the breed- and I would feel most safe with one walking by my side guiding me- and me directing it where to turn/go etc. So I was/am wondering if anyone of you have or had german shepherd dogs as guide dogs? What was your experience? Were they difficult to handel? The other dog I was considering was a boxer as a guide, I know T.S.E does them occationally for people who are elergic to the other dogs- but the only problem is that boxers (from what I've read on the internet) don't adjust to somewhere that is very warm or somewhere that is very cold. Since I will be going to school in the midwest- where it gets cold- this might not be a great option for me. So I am going with a shepherd. I know- some of you are thinking- if your elergic to labs/goldens then I'd most likely be elergic to shepherds/ well that's not always the case- after all I will be grooming/feeding my dog every day to keep the shedding down as much as possible. (and+I have two irish terriors of my own right now) so I do have some experience with dogs even though my current dogs don't really shed- but what dog doesn't? So any advice you could give about the shepherd dogs is appreciated! As well as T.S.E since I will most likely go there. I looked at J.E.B, but what I didn't like about that is the dog isn't yours when you leave the school- also- you have to request certain dogs- like if I wanted a german shepherd- I'd have to request it and my wait time would be extremely long because I had a preference. And when I talked to them they kind of said that a shepherd might not be the dog for me, and to find another school to possibly meet my needs. I looked at the survey done in 2006 of all the schools, and I liked T.S.E the most. I was also looking at Fidelco- but I don't really want to home train- and I haven't heard really good things about their school, I also looked into guide dogs of the desert, but I've not heard good things about their school either. So any advice/suggestions/tips are appreciated! I probably won't be applying until like November/December of this year anyways, but I am still working on my O&M because I do live in an area that doesn't have sidewalks, and I want to make sure that my area is mastered by the time the trainer comes out to do the home interview!
Any help is appreciated!
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